Annual Youth Chastity Conference 2021


The annual youth chastity conference is held every year on or around the celebration of Valentines Day. The conference is characterized by a convening of young people (high school and college age) to reflect on an issue of importance as it relates to chastity. The conference has over the past six editions cumulatively benefited over 3000 youth.

Format of the 2021 Conference

Medium of communication: This year (2021), the conference will be held online via Zoom. Selected high school students will converge at the Internet and Zoom capacitated computer facilities in their schools. College students and out-of-school youth would access the conference independently via their gadgets.


Content for discussion: The two-hour engagement will have three overlapping components, i.e., a youth dialogue on key questions and youth experiences on living chastity during COVID-19, edutainment and input from international youth organizations on the global perspective as they impinge on living chastity. The youth dialogues will take 30 minutes with an allocation of three minutes per school and will be guided by the following themes:

      1. Threats to living chastity during COVID-19 – St. Michaels and OLM South B
      2. The role of parents in promoting chastity among youth – Huruma Girls and Shauri Moyo
      3. The role of peers in promoting chastity among youth – Ngarariga girls & St. Annes girls

Edutainment segments will consist of two-minute poetry or spoken word art interspersed within the dialogues.


Input from international youth organizations will take 30 minutes and will be provided by:

      1. World Youth Alliance Africa – Thinking globally and acting locally: A case of the Human Dignity Curriculum
      2. The Empowered Youth Coalition – The idea of a Global Empowered Youth Coalition
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Partners and Tasks:

  1. Mercy Education Office: Main convener. Mobilizes schools and colleges, identifies high school speakers and sends out invitations to local participants within Kenya.
  2. Family Watch International: Generates a registration and a meeting link for the conference, prepares an edited version of the proceedings for publication and reaches out to EYC.
  3. World Youth Alliance Africa: Prepares a 15-minute presentation on the assigned topic and works with Mercy Education Office in selection of school delegates based on exposure to the HDC.
  4. Laudato Si Generation: Works with Mercy Education Office to coordinate edutainment pieces from the youth.
  5. Human Life International – Kenya: Mobilizes participation from Universities and Colleges.