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We are contacting you with an urgent matter that we need your help with right now.


The UN’s appointed expert charged with protecting religious freedom or belief  just issued a report to the UN Human Rights Council, which, ironically, attacks religious freedoms in serious ways instead of protecting them.


Throughout the report this UN expert denounces religious freedoms, framing them as violations of alleged radical sexual and reproductive health rights.


If this report is not discredited and rejected by UN Member States, it will be used to advance abortion, same-sex marriage, controversial comprehensive sexuality education, remove conscience objection protections, and much more under the guise of protecting religion.


This is a complete abuse of the UN expert’s mandate, and it must be challenged.


Time is short. He is expected to present his report to the UN General Assembly for the consideration of UN Member States on October 20.


Will you please sign a petition we have joined calling upon the UN and Member States to reject this report when it is presented? 


It only takes a minute to do your part in helping protect religious freedoms worldwide.


Just click on this link to sign the petition


We need to show an outpouring of opposition across the world from every sector of society so this report is stopped in its tracks.


Please also forward this alert on to as many people as you can.


Thank you for anything you can do to help!




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