Sample Email to Religious Leaders

Dear (insert name of religious leader here),


I have just learned about a harmful report scheduled to be presented on October 20 to the UN General Assembly. This report is a major assault on our religious freedoms. Sadly, this report was issued by the UN expert appointed to protect religious freedom.


Yet his report says, among other things, that religious opposition to abortion, same-sex marriage, adultery, controversial comprehensive sexuality education, and more violates international human rights.


There is a Religious Leaders Sign-On Letter opposing the report and encouraging UN member states to reject it when it is presented on October 20.


Would you consider signing on to that letter?


It can be signed online here.


On that page you will also find a link to the report, and you can see questions and answers about the report here. The Sign-On Letter itself highlights many of the harmful elements in the report.


We hope to have signatures of thousands of religious leaders around the world.


Anything you can do to help us get more signatures would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for anything you can do to help!




(your name goes here)